Julian Communication & HEREFITS Design

 Julian Communication & HEREFITS Design


About Julian Communication

Julian Communication is a foreign-invested company in Shanghai. It was founded in Sweden 2002 and therefore has a long experience in the web development- and Internet fields.  Our clients are both international and local companies. Our web design services range from simple company websites to more advanced web solutions and e-commerce. We also do logo design and visual identity, as well as various print materials such as business cards, brochures and catalogs. Within the company, we have embarked on some exciting projects.



梁洁 毕业于伦敦时装学院男装设计研究生。在VOGUE服饰与美容杂志,CHANEL香奈儿等国际品牌积累了经验后,于20128月在英国创建了定制品牌,现回国发展。

HEREFITS consists of a group of fashion experts, custom tailoring division, a group of producers, suppliers, provide real demand for personalized way of life.

Jie Liang graduated from  London college of fashion design menswear. After working in international brands such as VOGUE and CHANEL, She started her own brand in London, August 2012.